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Sport Nutrition

Sport Nutrition Before and

After The Sports

Sports nutrition is very essential to stay fit. It should be taken care of before and after a sports activity.

Before the Sports

To store carbohydrates is an essential part of the competitive preparation and sports nutrition. You should already know the best sources of carbohydrates (breads, cereals, pasta, rice, potatoes and fruits), as these foods are the foundation of a winning power. The food before the competition offers a final opportunity to replenish energy levels and liquids. Your last meal before sports practice should make you feel satisfied but not full nor hungry.

sports nutrition

Examples of Good meals before the Competition

•    Breakfast cereal + skim milk + fresh fruit or canned
•    Cupcakes + jam, jelly or honey
•    Honey pancakes
•    Roasted beans or macaroni
•    Sandwiches stuffed with banana
•    Fruit salad + nonfat yogurt
•    Pasta + tomato sauce
•    Roasted potato
•    sports nutrition bars or cereal bars + sports drink
•    Smoothies
After the sports

The body is more receptive to liquids, carbohydrates and other nutrients after practicing sport. However, recovery can be a challenge, having to juggle to eat and drink and meet concurrently with other commitments after the competition, like talking to coaches, press or playmates.

sports nutrition

The recovery center is essentially to prepare for your next workout or sporting event. The objectives are:

•    Replace muscle and liver stored glycogenic
•    Replace fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat

Damage caused by exercise

The best power sources to use are foods rich in carbohydrates, as these foods replace depleted reserves of glycogenic during activity. Recovery is most effective during the first hours after exercise. This is also important when the athlete has another activity in less than eight hours.

Strategies for rapid recovery

Hydrate quickly after a long workout.

Carbohydrate snacks which contain enough protein and can help to repair tissue damaged during exercise.

Juices and sports drinks provide carbohydrates, as well as the liquid needed for recovery, which can be useful if you do not have much appetite.

Local competition, as training camps or stadiums, do not always provide adequate food and drinks. Anticipate this and bring your own sports nutrition food.

sports nutrition

If the next session is less than 8 hours away, keep in mind that you should eat a snack within 30-60 minutes.

Ingestion of 50 to 100 grams carbohydrate is sufficient to begin the process of recovery.